The Herbal Trap

Conversations about natural remedies and vag health pique my interest every single time. When Jocellyn Combs launched The Herbal Trap in 2020, for instance, my eyes were glued to her social media during the pre-launch. I couldn’t get enough! From the woman to woman captions to the beautiful images of wellness products set at a “trap house”, it was a highly anticipated launch indeed!

When I received my order of the Vibrate Above It - Soothing Tea Tonic, the freshness seeped through the layers of packaging that transported it from Indiana to California. Later, Jocellyn expanded her offerings and included the Tea Tonic in the Fix It - Holistic Vag Wellness Treatment Kit to rid the body of the bad bacteria that causes UTI’s, BV, and other irritations that many women have, but don’t talk about.

As an Alchemist and Mixtress, Jocellyn did not just spark a passion for natural remedies; it was an evolution dating back to 2008. In addition to her bachelor’s and master degrees, she earned a certificate in Complementary and Holistic Alternative Medicine in 2014.

By 2020, she founded The Herbal Trap by HoneyCombs to curate a space for feminine beauty standards, herbal remedies, and wellness. The testimonials don’t lie. Each hand-crafted product is improving the ph balance of new customers, cultivating WAPs, and converting many of her customers to loyal ambassadors! Jocellyn’s mission is to ignite SHE energy with natural synergy.


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