That Same Energy

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Have you ever felt like people swarm to you when you are doing well, but their presence is nowhere to be found when you are not? Consistent support through the good and the bad is something we all crave. Otherwise, it isn’t worth keeping seasonal associates around.

Author Christian D. Larson said, “Promise yourself today to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.”

In your friendships, can you say you reciprocate the same encouragement that you want?

In other words, do you keep that same energy?  Do you celebrate others the way you celebrate your own achievements? Know that it takes nothing away from you to cheer for others.

Imagine you are the first person in your circle to launch a product. The value of your work isn’t diminished if your friend also launches a product. Examine what makes each of your projects unique and celebrate that.

Who is the audience for the project? What is the ultimate goal for this work? Consider the possibility that you both are living out your divine purpose. The answers to those questions have helped me along the way.

Remember to keep that  same energy! Celebrate your friends while they are growing just as would when they blossom. Seek moments to connect, even if that means you’re creating a calming space together in silence. Whether they reciprocate it or not, your consistency says more about your character than anything else. Keep your same energy no matter what room you’re in.


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