Separate but Solid

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Not only did the pandemic shake the world in 2020, but it challenged the hospitality and entertainment industries. Restaurants and bars had to close their doors or limit their services to take out only. Concerts and live events were postponed. It felt like the pandemic cancelled all of my plans for Ladies Night leaving me at home in my bonnet and baggy clothes.

Between the brand relaunch and the global shutdown, I wondered:

How would we foster connection...from a distance?


Technology has made it possible to communicate with others face to face for work and play. From virtual happy hours to Verzuz battles, many people continued to communicate in real time. Although I appreciate technology, I prefer other forms of connection that don’t require wifi.

So how do we stay connected to our friends while social distancing? Let me share a few ways:

  1. Write a letter and send it via snail mail. There is nothing more special than the feeling that someone is thinking of you. When I receive a handwritten note, I will open that first and save the bills for another time!

  2. Build accountability. Whether it is completing a 7-day plan on the Bible App or working through the same program on a fitness app, you are sharpening each other while improving your own quality of life. 

  3. Make time to talk. The pandemic can make you feel isolated. Once I became more intentional about catching up with friends, I realized that we were in this together.


It may be awhile before we can host a birthday or bachelorette party without the fear of spreading this fatal illness. Rest assured that even while we are apart, our meaningful friendships can remain intact and carry us for a lifetime.


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