Bonita Beauty Cosmetics

If you’re anything like me, you probably appreciate good packaging and a thoughtful presentation! When I came across Bonita Beauty Cosmetics, I knew I wanted to try the products for myself. The pink and gold containers securing her cosmetics sold me long before I tried one of their scented lip glosses or eye glitters.

The beauty behind Bonita Beauty Cosmetics is Ayiona. Her passion for makeup was discovered in 2018 after building a consistent clientele from eyelash extension applications. Founded in 2019, Bonita Beauty Cosmetics is an inclusive line of products made from vegan and natural ingredients.

Ayiona initially started with lip glosses and mink lashes such as the glittery Manifest gloss and the classy Adore lashes. Now she offers a variety of beauty products, most of which are handmade. Ayiona’s mission is to help people feel beautiful as well as inspire other young people to chase their dreams and to NEVER limit themselves.

I hope this doesn’t age me, but for a young woman, Ayiona is doing well for herself! Where it took me years to step into entrepreneurship and to learn about branding and marketing, Ayiona has begun to make a name for herself more than 10 years before I scratched the surface.

I’m excited to see all that Bonita Beauty Cosmetics will become and how Ayiona’s influence will motivate others in the future. With a renewed focus and intention to expand, Ayiona is sure to take the beauty industry by storm.


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