Apothecurly Naturals

Who better to create a chemical based product than someone who has studied how they react to each other? When I heard that Arial was about to launch a line of natural hair care products, I was an instant fan! As graduates of the same university, I witnessed how competitive and rigorous the pharmacy program was and knew that Arial put in the work to earn her PharmD degree!

Dr. Arial Burrus is a pharmacist and mother of five girls who created Apothecurly Naturals to address her own hair needs. Due to the stress of pharmacy school, she noticed an area of her scalp was thinning and often inflamed. Most of the products on the market did not alleviate the problem which led to Arial creating the first product in her kitchen in 2009.

Arial’s pharmaceutical background and personal experience evolved into the birth of Apothecurly Naturals. Her line uses natural and clean ingredients to create hair care products that promote moisture, strength, growth, and length retention. Most recently, she has extended the line to include a curl defining brush as well as other hair maintenance accessories.

When I received the Emergence Collection prelaunch, I immediately loved the Minty Rosemary Hair Oil. Because hair oils have ALWAYS been my go to product, this easily became a regular in my hair care routine. The fresh scent of it instantly boosts your mood while giving your crown a gorgeous glow!


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